Mandate and Missions of the International Study and Research Arts Center


The International Study and Research Arts Center is a non-profit organisation formed by Vancouver artists and scholars. It is a body that focuses on the study, research and promotion of Chinese as well as international art paintings and calligraphy. The mandate is to bring together local arts specialists, to research and cultivate Chinese arts that have local characteristics, are creative and good for Canada. We also advocate promotion of cultural exchange between Chinese Arts and arts of other countries and areas, aiming to inspire creativity and originality of artists and enhancing the level of art appreciation in viewers.





Our Team


The executive and management teams and advisors of the International Study and Research Arts Center are senior and well known Chinese artists, critics, scholars and community leaders who care about the development of arts in North America. They all work in a voluntary capacity. Their dedication is based on their recognition of our mandate and mission, and they are willing to support the furtherance of our task through their professional input.



本中心之財政獨立及自負盈虧,不含商業業務成份,不敷之數由有心人士以資助方式補足。 本中心不謀盈利,乃藉對中國書畫藝術的研究和推展,促進大眾對書畫藝術認識和愛好、瞭解其深度意境及完美藝術。我們亦全力探討尋找一條有北美特色及風格的中國書畫新路向。本中心之工作範圍包括:研究部 (學術研究、論壇、研討會及講座;著作及出版等)及推廣部 (教學、深造、交流及推展性活動等)。


Finance and Scope of Activities


The financing of our center is independent and separately regulated. There is no commercial element in our undertakings. Any deficiency will be covered by subsidy from our sponsors. Ours is a not-for-profit center. We strive to promote the appreciation and understanding of painting and calligraphy as art forms of beauty and deep meaning through our initiatives in Chinese art studies and research. We shall endeavour to explore and develop new trends in Chinese arts and calligraphy that embody North American qualities and distinctive features. Our center's scope of activities shall include three aspects: Administration, Study and Research (including academic studies and researches, forums, conferences and talks; writing and publication), and Promotion (including teaching, further studies, exchanges and other promotional activities).